When I was thirteen my English teacher advised my mother to encourage my writing. Mom avidly read everything I wrote; she was my biggest fan.
My introduction to publication was Student Life Editor for my school newspaper and yearbook. I was astonished when several of my pieces were published in college anthologies at Clark College. Later I was a stringer for my hometown newspaper and eventually a travel writer and poet.
My books include NOTHING GOLD, the story of how I lost my husband and got him back again, only to realize he returned as a stranger; MOZO, a novel inspired by my years in Mexico; I HAD A BOY, the story of a pregnant teenage runaway who marries a Brit so he can get a Green Card and stay in the US with his Venezuelan lover (which is currently being re-edited for publication – YAY!); CARLOS AT THE BROKEN ARMS, the tales of a documented Mexican immigrant who finds his legal status is sometimes less than helpful when he takes over management of his departed aunt’s apartment building. Both the building and the book are packed with unforgettable characters.
Adam Garcia is the nom de plume that I use for writing in Mexico. Adam helps me stay out from under the radar. A Googlish search will reveal a lot of interesting opinions and facts that Adam likes to share with the world..